About the Founder Nenad Pacek

Nenad Pacek is the founder and president of Global Success Advisors and the EMEA Business Group. He is the author of four books, most recently “The Future of Business in Emerging Markets” and “Global Economy”. He is the lead author of two book editions of “Emerging Markets: Lessons for Business Success and Outlooks for Emerging Markets”. Nenad is one of world’s leading authorities on global economy, emerging markets and corporate strategies for faster international growth. He regularly interacts with global and regional managers of large corporations, performing hundreds of client sessions every year around the world or over video links. He is well known in corporate circles for his “no written notes” and “no slides” presentations and consultations. Nenad, via his holding company Global Success Advisors, acts as a trusted advisor to global executive teams of major multinationals helping them understand and predict future developments. He is the former Executive VP of The Economist Group (Economist Intelligence Unit) where he worked from December 1990 to August 2009. He chaired over 100 Government Roundtables with Presidents, Prime Ministers and their cabinets across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Nenad is passionate about emerging markets, economic history, economic development issues in emerging markets, global economics and geopolitics, as well as ever evolving corporate growth strategies. He carefully selects his analysts and associates, looking for erudite colleagues who share his professional passions and who can work with high level corporate clients with enthusiasm and knowledge. Nenad resides near Vienna and partly near Dubrovnik with his wife and three daughters. As an avid sportsman, he uses his rare free time to play basketball, tennis and golf. And he also loves to spend time skiing, swimming and boating with his family.