The EMEA Business Group

is a high-end corporate advisory and networking service designed to serve Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Directors of major multinational companies. We designed the service to assist regional directors and their senior teams:

  • understand economic, political and business outlooks across EMEA markets
  • have the right assumptions for corporate planning and budgeting
  •  manage expectations of global boards
  • understand global economic and geopolitical context driving EMEA markets
  • network and engage in live benchmarking with peers across European capitals and Dubai
  • understand risks and opportunities across markets in the near and medium-term future
  • formulate winning strategies across EMEA markets
  • win resources from global headquarters
  • understand ever evolving best practices for accelerating sales growth internationally
  • question assumptions put forward by distributors and country managers during planning and budgeting
  • do scenario planning across volatile markets of EMEA
  • benchmark sales and profit performance across countries and sectors

Some 90% of our clients are large multinationals from the Fortune 500 and FT 500 list. Others are medium sized multinationals, including those originating in emerging markets. Our steady renewal rate of 95% is a constant testament to the quality of predictions and advice we have been providing to EMEA, CEEMEA, CEE and MEA Regional Presidents and their teams.

EMEA Business Group unrivalled insights into EMEA business, economic and political issues are offered to multinationals predominantly via annual subscription packages. We also serve companies with one-off projects and consultations.

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